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Hello My Lovelies!

I am writing this post from my bed, with the A.C. on wishing I was somewhere else for the moment… that somewhere just happens to be COACHELLA !


I have aimlessly sat for the past couple of years watching my news feed get filled with all the awesomeness that happens at Coachella ! But more than just the music, it’s the fashion that really appeals to me. All those people decked out in the best boho outfits out there! So, this year I thought that I am gonna get up and create some of my own Coachella looks, even if I can’t attend Coachella.

So, this is gonna be a two-part series. This post is going to be the first part featuring this look. The next post in this series will be followed shortly and will feature another Coachella inspired look!


For this look I took a black crocheted dress, I paired black bralette and a pair of black shorts underneath it to give me some coverage. I then propped my wide brim black hat on and I was almost Coachella ready…


Necklace / Body Chain ~ New Look

Rings & Bracelet ~ Pipa Bella

….what completed this look were the accessories and makeup. For accessorizing I wore this heavy tribal necklace-body chain which instantly upped the oomph in this look! Next, I stacked a couple of ring on my fingers and wore a bracelet cuff to complete this look.

For my makeup, I wanted to keep it simple so I did my base makeup (foundation, concealer, powder) put on a blush, lined my upper eyelids with a black liquid liner, added two coats of mascara to my lashes and then did a slightly dark red lip.

So, that’s it for this look, part two will follow shortly!

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Much love! Swati