MAC Diva Lipstick Review + Swatch!


Hello My Lovelies!

How have you all been? I hope you are well! I myself, have been rather unwell for more than a week now. Due to being unwell, I have been forced to be bed ridden for what was suppose to be a couple days, but now feels like the better part of a century!


Anyway, enough with the “sick talk”. I refuse to sit around like an invalid. In fact, I want to prance around like a DIVA! You know whenever the word “diva” comes to my mind, I automatically think about Beyonce (Single Ladies, anyone?) or Rihanna (her new song B***h Better Have My Money is stuck in my head!)

But, today we’re not gonna be talking about those two amazingly, talented divas. Nope! the DIVA that we’re gonna be talking about, comes in a bullet and in turn makes whoever has her, look like a diva!

Yes, I am talking about MAC’s Diva Lipstick! Below I’ve taken some photos of when I had this lipstick on.



Am I trying to smize or pout here? I don’t know 😛



(In the above photo, I had just realized that I completely forgot to charge my phone and that it’s probably lying dead somewhere in my room. Oh well!)


Above ~ a close up of MAC Diva lipstick. Below ~ a swatch of MAC Diva Lipstick.



1. Color

MAC’s Diva lipstick has a rich burgundy red or red-ish burgundy color. Now, I know as soon as I say “burgundy red” you would think that it is a color that loud aunties might wear (no offence to all the aunties, I love you all) but, it’s not! It’s this rich, sexy, vamp-y, burgundy red color that will make you smolder!

2. Finish

The lipstick has a matte finish. Although, it does have a slightly creamy consistency which helps the lipstick to not tug/pull at the lips during application.

3. Coverage

MAC’s Diva lipstick has a very rich, opaque color coverage. It applies evenly to the lips in one swipe. The color becomes completely opaque after one swipe.

4. Stay

On me the lipstick stays 4 – 4.5 hours without eating. After that the lipstick starts to fade into a red-ish stain. If you were wondering if this lipstick would still hold true after you have had a meal? Then the answer to that is : Not Really.

As stated before, there would be a red-ish stain on your lips and some uneven patches where the lipstick might linger, but all in all you would have to reapply the lipstick after you have had a meal.

5. Cost

It costs Rs. 1450 in India.



1. It glides on effortlessly on the lips and the color becomes opaque in one single swipe.

2. It’s a bold shade that really brightens up your whole face after application. In fact, I actually felt like quite the DIVA after I applied this lipstick. Not kidding!


  1. One of the issues that I had with this lipstick is that, this lipstick just sits on the lips. It’s not hydrating and sometimes it can get a little irritating wearing such a lipstick for long hours, a lipstick which just sits on your lips.

2. The lipstick is a matte lipstick, which in itself is not a problem. The problem is that this lipstick has a tendency to sometimes get too matte to the point of being drying.

My Rating ~ 3/5


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