OOTD: Hello Summer!


Hello My Lovelies!

Summer is here! And boy is it hot out there! I know that because for the past 1 month I was commuting to and fro in this hot as hell weather from my home to the examination center and back again!

Speaking of examination center, I just completed my final exams for this semester! Woohoo! Although it doesn’t really feel “woohoo”. In real sense it feels more like, “Yeah done. Now can I please just go curl up on my bed and eat, sleep, watch tv, read romance novels and just go back to being a normal procrastinator again?!”


IMG_4288-001 IMG_4274

Anywho, with the exams and the heat, I just needed a little pick-me-up to keep my spirits high to momentarily distract myself from everything that was going around me.

It all started with this hat (pictured in the photos) that my mother had bought one day. I really liked the hat and I wanted to do a whole look around it.



So for this look, I paired this gorgeous floral print skirt with this cute white crop top, then I wore my white gladiator wedges to match my white crop top. I then completed this look by throwing on this hat (that I have been wearing non-stop lately) to complete this look.


Something really weird happened when we were shooting this look. We were shooting this look at my place and while we were shooting, mid-shoot I realized that some guy from my neighbors balcony had his phone out and was looking directly at me.


(Oh-hey! Is that person trying to click my picture from his balcony?!)


(Yeah Buddy, I see you clicking my picture. Mood = Pissed!)

I tried to ignore it at first, but then I realized that he was trying to click my picture from his cell phone! GASP! I was so pissed! Fortunately my mum saw that guy taking the pictures and made a big hue and cry! Long story short, the guy was yelled at so bad by my Angry Mother!


(How to deal with unwanted attention/random guy trying to click your pic? Send an angry Punjabi Mother to deal with said guy!)


Okay, enough talk about random peeping toms! Here’s a closer shot of makeup. I tried to keep my main focus on my cheeks and lips. I decided to go for really peach-y/pink looking cheeks and a bright pink lip (Mac Impassioned lipstick).

I hope you liked this look! 🙂

As always send me some love!

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