How to Dress Like Jess from New Girl?

Dress Like Jess!

Hello My Lovelies!

As you might have guessed from the the title, this post is about how you can dress like Jess Day from the TV show New Girl!

New Girl is a show which follows the live of Jess (played by the lovely Zooey Deschanel) a 20 something girl, who after a bad breakup with her boyfriend, ends up living in an apartment with 4 (earlier 3) male roommates after answering a “roommate wanted” ad on Craigslist!

The show follows Jess’ hilarious adventures of being the “New Girl” in an apartment full of men! It’s a funny show, with an equally lovable cast (Schmidt and Cece! Coach and Winston! and Nick! Come on these guys are so cute!)

Jess Day’s Style Diary


1. Bright Colors Are Your Friends!

Jess has a very peppy almost 1950’s inspired wardrobe filled with bright, happy, in-your-face colors (reds, blues, greens, yellows… you name it and the girl has got it)! So, if you wanna dress like Jess then you really need to stop shying away from bright colors! 🙂

2. Be a Pattern Lover / Embracer

Apart from being a girl who loves wearing bright colors, Jess has a penchant for sporting patterns! Stripes, Polka dots the girl has almost tried them all!

3. Cardigan and Ballet Flats are your Bae!

Jess LOVES wearing cardigans and ballet flats! She loves pairing cardigans with dresses and skirts. Same is her love affair with her ballet flats. I think Jess has Cardigans and Ballet Flats in almost every color imaginable!


4. Nerdy McPretty!

Jess is always seen rocking her cute, nerdy, adorkable pair of glasses with almost all of her looks on the show. If you wanna really nail Jess’s look then go rock a pair of faux glasses.

5. Retro Much

Yeah Jess, kinda has a knack for incorporating a healthy dose of retro vibes in her outfit, be it the bright colors, the bows, the polka dots, the belts, the hairbands! The girl has RETRO written all over her! Example: You can pair shorter fluffier skirt with ballet flats and a cute top + cardigan, or a nice pair of fitted high waist jeans with a feminine top, completed with a headband

7. Tights / Leggings

Another thing Jess loves to do is layer her clothes! She is often times seen rocking a dress with a pair of tights or a pair of shorts over a pair of stockings! Don’t be afraid to layer!

~Looks Inspired By Jess Day~


Jess Day Outfit Inspiration 1

(From left to right : Dress, Cardigan, Shoes)

For this look pair this bright print dress with a blue/mint color cardigan for an added wow factor and as a cool way to color block with your outfit. Jess is often seen rocking her dresses with cardigans, and her cardigans are often times bold and bright in color. Complete this look by throwing on these comfy white ballet flats to complete the look.



(From left to right: Dress, Shoes, Bow Barrette)

While Jess is often seen rocking bright, bold colors, the few times that she has rocked something neutral, she’s done it well! To channel Jess’s “NEUTRAL” look wear this gorgeous white dress with a Peter Pan collar with these black and white peep toe flats. Complete the look by wearing a bow barrette in your hair!


Jess Day Inspired Outfit 3

(From left to right : Cardigan,Top, Skirt)

As previously mentioned, Jess loves polka dots and she also loves cardigans! This look is a nod to just that! Pair a white feminine blouse with a polka dot skirt. To really get a “Jess vibe” in your look throw on a red cardigan to complete this look!

Well that’s it for now!

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