Rave Review! Lakme Shine Line Eyeliner~Black!


Hello My Lovelies!

I had my Property Law exam today and if that wasn’t bad enough it was super hot today like I kept envisioning myself as a snow-woman who was literally M-E-L-T-I-N-G! Then the rain came in the evening and it was nice and stuff but all I could think was, ” You Sneaky Bit*h, where were you when I was M-E-L-T-I-N-G this afternoon?!”

*Takes Deep Breath* O-kay! Ranting done! On to the review! 😀


Lakme Absolute Shine Line Eyeliner~Black…I love this eyeliner! This is perhaps my most used, most loved, most repurchased (This is my 6th repurchase) black liquid eyeliner!



The packaging is REALLY sturdy and chic! It comes in a black cylindrical bottle with a silver metallic cap. I have never had any issues with spills with this liner. This has 4.5 ml of product in it.



The consistency is really neither runny nor thick, it REALLY glides on your eyelids in one slick!



The liner is quite pigmented, although its not the blackest of black out there (i’d say its kinda a really, really dark grey-black) but it looks soooo fabulous on!


Aah the finish… Okay I think some sick d-bag played a poor joke on this guy by giving it a name like ” Lake Absolute SHINE Line”, ’cause there is ABSO-F-ing-Lutely NO shine in this eyeliner. Nil, nada, zilch! When It dries, which by the way is Suuuuuuuper Fast (10 seconds, fast! yeah, you heard me), it dries to a MATTE FINISH!

I can just imagine this poor guy sitting on the counter with all the other Lakme products and the Lakme Absolute Foundation calling him, “Yo! Shine Line! What Up Bro?”

And this poor guy hiding his irritation, but failing miserably, responding,” Yo! Help a brother out! It’s MATTE LINE bit*ch.” Ha!



I am literally amazed by its staying power! It stays on my eyelids comfortably for 6+ hours! After that it cracks a bit. But it is really, really easy to remove. You can get it out with any face wash, makeup remover with little to no effort!

FINALLY…. The Best Thing About It!

It’s the Brush! Seriously It’s THE BEST brush ever! It gives me the thinnest of thin lines when I want in a single swipe! And when I want a thicker look I can just load up the brush a little with the product and it delivers!


Price~Last I remember the price was Rs.290 ($4.9 approx.),but for some reason when I checked today almost all of the online stores were selling this for Rs.300 ($5) 

My Rating~4/5

Would I repurchase? I always do! Currently repurchased it for the 6th time!

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5 thoughts on “Rave Review! Lakme Shine Line Eyeliner~Black!

  1. RED HANDED says:

    Call me cheap but I really feel that Lakme instaliner worth Rs 90/- is absolutely amazing 😛
    I have never tried this one..always stuck to my Maybelline. But now looking at those eyes..I need to give this one a shot too!


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