Lippies I Regret Buying!


Hello My Lovelies!
I am back with another post! And in today’s post I am going to tell you guys all the lip products I regretted purchasing!

Ready? Lets go!

1. Lakmé Enrich Satin Lipstick in shade 354


I had for a long time wanted to buy a lipstick from the Lakmé Enrich Satin range, so naturally when the SA swatched this lipstick on my hand I thought that since it looks nice on my hand it would naturally translate into looking nice on my lips…

The taste of this lipstick is like inhaling lipstick and perfumed chemicals in!
It makes my lips look Aunty Types! Actually come to think of it, this is an Aunty No 1 lipstick! ( No offence to all the aunties! I am sure you would love this lipstick )

This lipstick for me was a major fail of epic proportion!

Moving on!

2. Colorbar Lip Gloss in Just Bitten


Lovely Swatch Right? WRONG!
God! I had so much hope for this lip gloss!
I thought I would look like a femme fatale with blood red glistening lips!
Yeah, that didn’t happen! I just need to stop envisioning my self as Catwoman the next time I think of buying such horrendous lippies!


I might be smiling in the picture ( why wouldn’t I? I am getting clicked! ) but god! This lip gloss stains like hell , my lips start getting super warm as soon as I apply this and taking this lip gloss off is just such a task when you don’t have wet wipes!

3. The Body Shop Born Lippie in Strawberry

Okay, long story short I bought it beacuse it looked cute. Period. Its sticky, too bubblegum-y and too strawberry for my liking!


Well, thats it for now 🙂
As always send me some love!
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