Three Killer Looks For Freshers Party!

Hello my lovelies!

I know for a lot of you college has started and for a lot of you and a lot of you are new to college which means you have your whole college life ahead of you ( lucky you! ) and for most of us the college life begins with the Freshers’ Party! Woohooo! Paaaaarty!

So here are 3 looks which you can try wearing at your college Freshers’!

( Note : I am wearing a floral tiara in all of the following looks because I love Lana Del Ray too much, you can opt not to wear the tiara if you don’t want to )

Look 1.


I love the ombré trend in fact I love it so much that I want to try doing ombre colour on my hair ( more on that later ) but when I saw this dress on sale at Zara I just fell in love with it! This dress is chic and perfect for a freshers’ party!


The Tip

Neutral or champagne coloured dresses add elegance to your whole appearance making you look mmm.. hot property in college.

Look 2


When I bought this dress I was insanely attracted to the material and print of the dress. Wearing a bold colour with a bold print would definitely make you stand out in the crowd.

The Tip

Choose a colour which is bold yet sits well with your skin tone. Also, the print if the dress should be bold but not ‘overbold’. We don’t want your dress to induce seizures amongst the party goers due to its toooo bright colour and print.

Also remember, when wearing a bold print keep the rest of the look simple, don’t overaccesorize, minimalism is the key of the look.

Look 3


When in doubt wear white! White looks elegant and ethereal. This dress from Globus gives you a subtle and elegant look.

The Tip

When wearing white make sure it is not sheer or transparent, you don’t want to give a free show to the people afterall!

Final Thoughts

Clothes can only help with your outside appearance. What you really need to do for a freshers’ party is to just be yourself, talk and socialise with people and have a great time!

Did you have a Freshers’ Party? If yes, how was it?

Dash To SN Market In Delhi For Your Casual Whites!

Hello my lovelies!

Recently I was browsing through my closet and I realised that I have very few white clothes so I grabbed my purse and headed to Sarojini Nagar in the hopes of getting some new white clothes. And boy did I nab some cool finds! Read on to see what I got!

1. White Tank Top with Chic Print

Rs 110 (Photo Credit : Swish Pictures)

Rs 110 (Photo Credit : Swish Pictures)

I fell in looooove with this top when I saw the illustration of the girl on it with pouty red lips and her sequined shades!

Plus at Rs. 110 it was a steal! Here’s how I would wear this outfit…


I paired this awesome tee with light wash ripped blue boyfriend jeans with these cool black cat eye sunglasses. This look mimics the look of the girl on the tee plus it looks trés chic!

2. Sleeveless White Bejewelled Top

Rs 170 (Photo Credit : Swish Pictures)

Rs 170 (Photo Credit : Swish Pictures)

I really liked this top because of the detailing on it and also it looked super classy!


Here I paired this white top with basic black jeans and a pair of sleek strappy black heels! I feel like going to a club and sipping mocktails just by looking at this outfit!

3. Lace white Skirt

Rs 170 (Photo Credit : Swish Pictures)

Rs 170 (Photo Credit : Swish Pictures)


I wanted to have this skirt the moment I saw it! I haggled and bargained my ass off for this skirt. And finally when I got this skirt I was overcome by a sense of victory while I held it !

4. Pearl studded white sleeveless shirt

Rs 100 (Photo Credit : Swish Pictures)

Rs 100 (Photo Credit : Swish Pictures)

I had always wanted a white shirt with a pearl-y collar and when I saw this shirt I just couldn’t resist!


For this look I decided to pair the pearl-y collar shirt with the lace skirt along with a pair of nerdy glasses. The whole look had a sexy librarian feel to it which I loved!

Final Thoughts

Nobody is born with a great sense of style ( except Suri Cruise ) so just experiment! experiment! experiment! till you find a style which is ” you “.

Five Minute Make Up Fix!

Hello my lovelies!

Ever woke up late and worried how you are going to get your make up done in the nick of time? Well fear not because today I am going to show you how you can get your make up done within 5 minutes !

Things you will need :

1. Moisturiser 2. Foundation 3. Kajal 4. Mascara 5. Red lipstick 6. Loose powder

Step 1.

Apply moisturiser evenly on your face. This will act as a base for your foundation to go smoothly over.

Step 2.


Apply foundation by applying little dots of it all around your face and then blending it all in to provide a clear face.

Step 3.


After that apply kajal inside the waterline of your eyes this instantly makes you look more refreshed and awake! (I wore a black kajal but you can go for white or brown too )In the above look I look half-dead from the side where I have not applied the kajal

After that apply kajal to the other eye too.

Step 4.


Apply 2 coats of mascara to your eyes. This is important as mascara helps ” open up ” your eyes.

Step 5


Lastly, take a red lipstick, I used ruby Woo by M.A.C as it is flattering on almost all skin types, and apply evenly over your lips, you can use a brush or apply it directly, but remember to moisturise your lips 2 minutes before apply lipstick. You don’t want to look like the Cracked-Lip-Bride-of-Frankenstein!

(Optional Step)

You can choose to apply loose powder over your face after you are done with your make up, but this really is an optional step.)


Voila! You are make up is done!

Sparkles And Sequins

Hello my lovelies! Today I am going to share with you 3 ways in which I incorporate sparkles and sequins in my outfits.

So, drumroll…….. here we go!



Here I paired a sheer black sequined top from Sarojini Nagar with a basic black bandage skirt.

The Tip : If your top is sparkly/sequin-y you should keep the rest of your look neutral. Your statement top should be exactly that in your look… “ The Statement .”

I mean, you don’t want a look that says “ Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga threw up on me.” ( Unless you are going for that kind of look and in that case all I can say is… good luck! )

P.S. I loooove  Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj. Amen!



Here I paired a white-ish pair of sequined shorts with a sleevless white blouse with a studded collar. I tried to keep the colour scheme of the entire look neutral, preferably in variant shades of white.

The Tip :  Having a neutral base for the outfit helps make the look more subtle when wearing sequins.



Here I wore a one-shoulder dress with sequined detailing on one shoulder with a pair of basic black platforms ( not pictured ).

The Tip:  If you want to try the “sequined look” but you are not ready to go all out with the sequins then a good way for you to try this look is for looking for pieces which have some sequin-y detail in them.

This way you can try the sparkles and sequins trend without worrying whether you are crushing a hundred sequins when you plop your ass down to sit! ( I am soooo guilty of this one! )


The Most Important Tip : Be Confident! No matter how pretty your outfit is, if you are fidgety and uncomfortable, it will show. Therefore, be confident!


If confidence does not come naturally then try borrowing some from Fierce Mama Beyonce and listen to- RUN THE WORLD ( GIRLS ) .

It helps! Trust me!